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Four Seasons Container Gardens is a local company that is truly unique in its approach. We know many of you love container gardens as an accent to your entryway, garden or patio, but finding the right pot and the right plants can be overwhelming. 

Our vision is crystal clear….that our clients succeed in having containers overflowing with colorful plant arrangements throughout the seasons.

Landscape design is our background and container gardening is our specialty. Our creative design consultants have extensive horticultural knowledge and know just how to create that “wow”, leaving lasting impressions for all who pass by.

Whether you need your existing containers planted, new ones installed or perhaps you’d like to plant them yourself, we will deliver the right plant combination to last a season.

Container Planting Services by Four Seasons

We are very particular with whom we do business with when it comes to containers. Our vast selection of quality containers is certain to suit your style and taste.

To ensure quality and freshness, our plants come directly form the most reputable wholesale nurseries.  

Initial consultation to define your needs, desires and budget is $60 for one hour.

Design and Installation
Upon design approval, we will either:

  1. Install the containers and plants with our Four Seasons crew or
  1. Deliver everything you need to plant the containers yourself, including a planting plan and tips for installation, care and maintenance.

In either case, our licensed irrigation specialist can install a watering system to suit the special needs of your container gardens.

If you want a beautiful container garden without the fuss, our crew can prune, pinch and fertilize on a scheduled basis.

Keeping in touch
We will send you a friendly reminder right before the seasons change, so that we can provide you with a whole new face lift of seasonal plantings for your containers.

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